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Mix Media
Starry Feast 閃閃盛宴

Viewed from the sky, the artwork is a red sea-star with full loads of colorful, juicy fruits.  The size of the sea-star is big so as to attract the attention of birds including pigeons, crows, eagles, humming birds, honey bees, ants, insects and other local habitat animals to become aware of the presence of the juicy fruits.  Half of the fruits will be underwater so that sea animals can also get to enjoy the fruit fibre or the juice.  Hopefully all species of local animals will stay together, have a nice feast and enjoy being our guest.

The inspiration of the Artwork came from the need of urban dwellers to appreciate and respect the essential ecology system of the local habitat of many species and to co-exist with nature in harmony.

​Media: Mixed media
Materials: Bamboo, watermelons, pineapples 
涼衫竹, 西瓜, 菠籮
Size: 3m (H) x 6m (W) x 6m (D)
Year: 2009                       Exhibition at: Repulse Bay


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