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擁抱 擁抱 一輩子的光陰



Survival is harsh survival is worthy  

Dance in weightlessness



我聞到一絲芬芳  我感覺從容頓晤

你眼角一點濕潤  像秋霞灑滿江中



年年盡說是末日  天天惶恐下生活

 偶然消費去放鬆  不及處林一分鐘



一山跑過又大山  聞汝香汗覓芳踪

 心迷意亂不自拔  閙市幾回穿西東



少男少女花樣容  才美初萌天為公

 心神潛隱路自擇  進戒選聽取為聰



一生沒了沒完  結局誰想說穿

燭滅前刻求脫  船翻憶思家園



兒時悲歡 半生沉積心內    

尤如眼鏡 一生掛在臉上

喝口清茶 芳香直透肝脾    

忘憂狀態 巧言再不相記








塘水滾塘魚 一生無自主   昨貧今富貴 意念永茫茫

 生命盡跟隨 生存為他人   生老謹一己 獨對病與死

  身上富衣裳 內心寄空虛   一人一輩子 卻無自我心

   引喻古人調 智慧君何以   一生居世上 離別無智言

     狐假犬欺善 卒性懵不知   冬寒已來臨 無力顧理想



I smell of you  

You smell of we

We smell sweet sweats  

Transpire behind our necks



Move move you along to where you belong never look back

 Think again your lies was what you allege and now regret

  Listen into your mind is time well spent and eyes wet

Live up your life would free your spirit and dance jazz



I read many newspapers but close my eyes to propaganda

 I listen to storytellers but close my ears to yells and thunders

  I awake in the woods returning from dreamland, birds greet me from grassland

   I climb over the hill feeling the breeze over the till, avoid brainwash to kneel



Friends betray and relatives belated

Wallet misplace and trains delay

Earthquake strike sooner than atomic decay

I actually have nobody except you to embrace



The boat capsize on my head went under the water

 My thoughts were fuming and help was not in the order

  What’s left of me to decide to struggle and think fast or die

   I choked while closing my eyes anticipating more attacks and cry



I don’t want to change the world    the way I see fit

 I rather want to change one self    to avoid plunders persist



Simply clear is not as easy as clearly simple

Being simple is not a privilege of simple being

Start listening to your mind and search through your will

Run in heavy shower and fight to release the power

A good heart, puts down his money

 A good soul, takes care of family

One way or the other, reach upon each other

 Have guts to love, your sisters and brothers



Surfing the net to communicate   Smaller faster cheaper as innovate

Loving your roommate everyday   In no time you’d break your vertebrate



小孩在哭 長者在喊

朋友不欲 同輩耳語


Love love or are we numb

 Love love or we are dumb

   Soar soar or we will fall

    Soar soar there’s no recall



the murmur just before dawn

 the whisper just before you gone






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