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311 Reactor Meltdown

I was in Tokyo, Japan on 11.3.2011 and experienced a severe earthquake which has killed thousands of people.  I was lucky to be still surviving.  This is a recollection of my personal feelings, the situation I saw, the sound I heard, the fear and uncertainties I experienced during those few days.


The painting show 5 eggs, denoting my 5 experiences during the crisis:

The middle egg is an atlas of Asia with Japan at the middle, white and yellow egg yolks appear to flow from the cracks as a result of the earthquake.

The egg at the left shows me eating sushi at Tsukiji Ichiba in the morning before the earthquake, really yummy seafood.

To the right from the middle egg shows the moment of the earthquake where buildings were shaking, places on fire, boats crashed and trains stopped.

To the far right is a baby being checked for radioactivities, and government officials, the royal family and the chief executive of the leakage nuclear plant appeared on TV to apologies publicly.

At the far left egg shows many SMS messages to and from friends and family as all communications were down during the whole afternoon on that dreadful day where more than 2,000 people lost their life.

Media: Oil on Canvas
Size: 270cm (W) x 90cm (H)
Year: 2011

Exhibition at: Fringe Club

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