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February 2014


Art Square at Salisbury Garden

Completion Ceremony and Exhibition


Hong Kong Museum of Art, Kowloon

Structural engineering services

May 2013
Shek Kep Mei Estate Phase 5
Mosaic Tile Feature Wall
Hong Kong Housing Authority
December 2012
Hong Kong Sculpture Symposium
Wood Again Sculpture Camp at Quarry Bay Park
January 2011
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden - Wood Again
July 2009
Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea
Title: Starry Feast  閃 閃 盛 宴
September 2014                             Aberdeen Praya Park                      Green Art Dragon with We Sculptors
October 2014
Remaking of Mosaic Tile Fish 
with We Sculptors
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
From April 2015
中山紫馬奔騰廣場 雕塑設計制作工程
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