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Film cartridge – Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8NE … Hong Kong

菲林筒 - 香港 8號東北烈風訊號

Media: Mix Media
Materials: Film Cartridges, Wood
Size: 120cm (H) x 95cm (W)
Year: 2012​

Exhibition at: Hong Kong Fringe Club

The 135 film cartridge was very common in the not so old days of analog photography where images were captured on film and has to undergone a chemical process to make the image visible.  It has been around for more than 100 years and brings happiness to photographers to record happy moments. In the digital age now, film cartridge become rarer as market demand diminishes.


The title is “Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8NE … Hong Kong” showing the icon of the storm signal from Hong Kong Observatory.  The concept of the artwork is that we should maintain our vigilant to stormy weather ahead and be prepared even when we’re enjoying happy moments now, like taking film photographs with friends …


在攝影歴史上,135裝菲林以往一直是十分普遍。 光線直射到菲林表面上暴光然後經過化學程序後影像便會從新顯示出來。 此影像攝取及存取技術已存在超過100多年,並為記錄攝影者帶來很多喜樂。 但自從數碼攝影方式普及化後,用菲林技術攝取影像方式的人已越來越少,令菲林筒的存在也變得越見希有。


這作品用菲林筒砌出天文台的「香港 8號東北烈風訊號」。喻意我們雖然享受很多美好的生活時光,例如同朋友一起拍照玩樂。。但也要對將來可能要面對的風風雨雨提高警覺及做好準備。

Shop window display at Hong Kong Fringe Club 
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