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Artwork                   Mix Media                   Stress Strain Condition  壓力與變形 I                    Foam, plaster, paint

This series of four sculptures demonstrate the changes in shape of a material in response to stresses being applied to it from external sources. Different materials e.g. metal, wood, glass, clay, marble etc exhibit different stress-strain conditions of their own. The analogy to us human race is that the behavior of different people will react differently to the same stresses being applied to us from external environment.


When I was studying structural engineering in University, the relationship of stress and strain condition is an elementary topic to be learnt from a course named Engineering of materials. I was interested at the course work and the professor like me a lot. He suggest me to consider switching my discipline of study from Structural Engineering to Mechanical Engineering, so I can take more courses from him. The suggestion sounds appealing so I give it a deep thought and called my mom for discussion… she was furious at hearing this! ..Don’t you know the tuition fee is so expensive?! I can’t afford your changing of your mind again?! … and that was it ...


這套四件一組的雕塑示範了當一種物料受到外來壓力的時候,所展現的變形樣貌和特質。不同的物料(如金屬、木、玻璃、泥土、大理石等) 都有各自的變形型態。相對於我們人類, 隱喻着每個人在日常生活裏,當受到共同的外來冲擊每個人都會呈現出各自不同的反應。


當我還在大學修讀結構工程時,有關物料的壓力與變形特質在「物料工程學」是必修科目。我對這科目很感興趣而教授也很喜歡我的求知欲和好奇心。他建議我轉修機械工程令我可以多修他的科目。我想了又想也覺喜歡,便打長途電話問媽媽的意見。。怎知她十分忿怒「你不知學費多貴供你讀書好辛苦嗎?! 轉乜鬼科呢? 」就咁就講完了



Artwork                   Mix Media                      Stress Strain Condition  壓力與變形 II                             Fibreglass

Size: 35cm (H) x 90cm (W) x 60cm (D)                               Year: 2014                           Exhibition at: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, SKAAA II 2016


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