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November 2011 - Detour 2011

Title: 135 Film Cartridge – Photogenic ​《 135 菲 林 筒 - 最 上 鏡 》​

The 135 film cartridge was very common in the not so old days of analog photography where images were captured on film and has to undergo a chemical process to make the image visible.  It has been around for more than 100 years and bought happiness to all photographers who used film cameras. In the digital age now, film cartridge become rarer as market demand diminishes.

The title is “Photogenic” and the installation showed the faces of young warrior couples as in the very famous and legendary “神鵰陝侶” - 金庸 原著小說 。 Meaning “The Eagle Warrior Couples”.  They were 陽過 及 小龍女 (Yang Kor and Lady Dragon Junior)。



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